Monday, 1 July 2013

Project 10 Pan

I have come to the sad conclusion that I spend way too much money on makeup and need to have a spending detox. What better way to kick start my saving than with the Project 10 Pan Challenge!

So from my understanding of Project 10 Pan, you pick 10 products that you want to finish and you don't buy any more products until all 10 have

been used up (unless you REALLY need something in your collection that you may have completely run out of). I have altered the rules as I have no restraint whatsoever and I have allowed myself to buy a new products once I have crossed one off my list. 

**I know the picture above only has 9 products, I've already lost one of them, whoops!

After about 20 minutes of scouring through my makeup collection, I have come up with 10 products that are ready to be used as part of my spending detox.

1. Benefit They're Real Mascara
2. Gorgeous Cosmetics Color Pro - True Taupe
3. Gorgeous Cosmetics Creme Blush - Strawberries & Cream
4. REN Hydra-Calm Cleansing Gel
5. Revlon Lip Butter - Red Velvet
6. Stila One Step Correct Primer
7. MAC Golden Bronzer
8. MAC Cream Colour Base - Pearl
9. Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Primer
10. Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation

This product has been my short little lashes no. 1 friend. I'm quite picky when it comes to mascaras so finding one that I use day after day has been a bit of a challenge, until now. The Benefit They're Real! Mascara not only lengthens my lashes but gives them a little extra volume, which is always greatly appreciated. I am in love with the wand, so once it does get to the end of its short life span I will be sure to keep the wand for future lashes in need.

This product was my favourite products of 2012, but it has been 6 months now and I need to let it go and move on. I have a lot of similar colours to the Gorgeous Cosmetics Colour Pro in 'True Taupe', so thought it would be a wise choice to add to my list as I've already used a fair whack of it.

The Gorgeous Cosmetics Cheek Creme in 'Strawberries & Cream' was the first cream blush that I ever purchased. I still love it too bits, but since it's purchase I've discovered more and more beautiful cream blushes and I've got a little collection building up. I've hit pan on this one too, so on the list it goes!

This is the only Revlon Lip Butter I have ever purchased, and this is in 'Red Velvet'. I have been into Priceline so many times and considered getting more, but I already have so so many lipsticks that I cannot justify buying more. The reason why I decided to choose this particular lipstick to attempt to use up is that I love dark berry colours for winter and the gloss and texture of this one will really help with my currently desert-like lips. 

I do admit that I am cheating on this one a little, as it has about 3 pumps left, but I was going to be used up anyway! The Stila One Step Corrector is 100% on my 'to buy' list and to be honest I don't actually want it to become one of my 'empties'...sad face.

I'm still not 100% sold on the MAC 'Goldern' Bronzer, but at the same time I don't really want to throw it away just yet. This was one of my first MAC purchases and I did get a good use out of it...but then I found my NARS 'Laguna' Bronzer and I've never gone back (until now). I don't like this for contouring as I find it too shimmery, but its nice for a very soft all-over glow. I'll definitely be using this one for Back-To-MAC.

There's not much more I can say about the MAC Cream Colour Base in 'Pearl' other than I LOVE it and don't want it to  run out. I seriously tossed and turned about this product for a while, but my final decision was a good one. There's sill a good amount left that will last me a few more months, but I'll be repurchasing another for sure.   

I was not a huge fan of the Chanel Vitalumier Aqua Foundation when I first bought it, but now that I have rediscovered it I am glad that it's going to get used. It's perfect for those days where I don't want to wear too much makeup, but still gives me a nice sheer coverage and smells delicious. 

I used to use the Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Primer on a daily basis, but somewhere along the track it got a bit left out and forgotten about (poor thing). Seeing as I've only got about a quarter left, I thought why not give it another go and see what I think of it this time around. 

I'll be keeping track of my progress on this blog so keep an eye out for new posts. I want to keep this little challenge up for as long as I can, so once I finish a product, I'll be adding another to my list. 

Hooray for saving money!

I've also made a video about my Project 10 Pan so if you would like to see it, click the link below :)


  1. They are all such lovely looking products! Good luck :)

  2. That is a brilliant idea! Will keep track of how long you take to finish up all 10 products. Maybe I will give this project a shot as I too have too many make ups!!

  3. Oh I LOVE that Chanel Foundation! :) I just started a P10P too!! Good luck to us both on finishing it all up!


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